The must have 18 types of vegetables to make any gardener or chef happy.

With rising food prices now and potential food shortages in the future, there has never been a better time to stock up on seeds.

We have a very limited supply. It's a 18 Non GMO vegetables variety pack with over 2000 seeds that is perfect for any size urban or small garden.

Vegetable seeds everywhere are out of stock or in very limited supply during this pandemic. We are offering the last of our stock room. What is included in the 18 varieties of vegetable seeds.

The 18 Variety Pack Of Non GMO Vegetable Seeds Include:

  • Beans- Henderson Lima
  • Cabbage- Late Flat Dutch
  • Cantaloupe- Hale's Best
  • ​Corn- Golden Bantam
  • ​Cucumber- Marketmore 76
  • ​Eggplant- Black Beauty
  • ​Lettuce- Mesclun Mix
  • ​Onion- Evergreen
  • ​Onion- Sweet Yellow
  • Peas- Sugar Ann Snap
  • Pepper- California Wonder
  • Pumpkin- Jack O'Latern
  • ​Spinach- Bloomsdale Savoy Seed Packet
  • ​Squash- Butternut
  • ​Tomato- Beefsteak
  • ​Fennel- Florence
  • ​Watermelon- Crimson Sweet
  • ​Watermelon- Sugar Baby

All seeds are guaranteed to germinate (sprout), We have a very limited supply of this variety pack. Once we run out we will be out till next season!

The Variety Pack Include Over 2000 Seeds

 $29.99 with Free Shipping and Handling to USA

18 variety pack of Non GMO Vegetable seeds
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From our last batch in March 2020 of vegetable packs
Customer Reviews

The Anderson Family, New York, NY

Thank you for the advice, the assistance on our patio garden and of course the seeds! We were stuck indoors most of the year and we cannot tell you how much we loved our little garden. Your selection of vegetables and fruit are amazing. All the neighbors loved us and we made new friends with our garden surplus. You and your team were a heaven sent. We appreciated the recommendation of the herb garden. It was just like you said took up very little room but had incredible surplus that we loved sharing with our family and local community.
Thank you  Thank you Thank you!!!

Barry and Faith, Calabasas, CA

Thank you AON! We loved the selection and the grand kids love everything in our garden. We couldn’t find any non- GMO seeds after the pandemic. Thanks Again!!!

Jason V. Raleigh, N.C.

Wow, this was exactly what I need for my patio garden and have plenty of seeds for next year!

Jeff and Sharon, CA

We have been looking for non-GMO seeds for our small garden without buying individual packets or packs of seeds we don't want included. All the seeds we want for our kids to get excited about gardening were included and more. It was only after this first season that we actually ate from our own garden that I had to email you and your team. The kids have never been more excited about eating the vegetables. We just ordered your herb pack and cant wait to see what gardening adventure come from next year garden. Oh! Thanks for the growing tips.

Debbie G. Lafayette, Louisiana

I wanted to wait until I got these up and going. Holy moly these seeds produced. I had to thin out my garden because too many seeds we're successful. I have huge watermelons and cantaloupe growing along my fence. 2 cantaloupe plants that are kicking out the fruit. The tomatoes went crazy and was my first harvest. Cucumber is doing wonderful. Eggplants are starting to fruit. Squash held up nicely even after I took it from the garden to the yard. Peppers and onions are still cooking and the peas are almost ready. Super pleased with the seeds. I planted other ones from another company and haven't had crap. I'll be purchasing this again next year and I'll add the herb pack too since the ones I got from someone were a waste.

Ernie T. Pasadena, CA

I thought that seeds usually had a 50/50 survival rate? Every seed in this packet grew a plant!!! This was my second garden ever, and half of it, I did from seed (my first year was all store-bought plants). SO MANY VEGETABLES. I will buy this again next year and save it as an emergency pack (as intended). I definitely will continue doing business with this company.

Jonathan T. McAllen, TX

I wanted a supply of heirloom seeds for my bugout bag and have had trouble finding seeds I could count on. I have tried seeds from several different companies but, have experienced germination problems with every company, some severe. I came across ALPHA ORGANIC NURSERY GARDEN seeds from Facebook friends. It sounded gimmicky to me but what the hell. I was willing to try them out in a fall garden (not difficult in S. Tx). I could hardly believe my eyes. I tried 6 different varieties and every single seed germinated! I've never even had hybrid seeds perform that well. You can do what you like but, I'm ordering more of these. *I did not get paid for this money, no seeds, nothing!

Sara G. Fort Worth, TX

Watermelon & Pumpkin Seeds is what the kids wanted and everything else was what I wanted. You guys are a life saver. Could only find tomatoes seeds near me.

Tara M. Destin, FL

We could not find seeds of much variety and that didn't have some GMO Seeds in the pack. When we got your vegetable and herb pack we were thrilled. We even have some excess but we are ordering some more because it can't hurt to have a good supply. We also really like that you vacuum sealed the seeds. We have bought from other company that put them in tin cans that dry out the seeds. We also got 100% germination! You guys are simply the best.

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